Turnkey Websites

We Don't Sell Templates but complete website designed to your content...

OBMediaOne provides affordable and turnkey web design solution for businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs. We have a large collection of readymade website designs and logo concepts in our catalogue. We will customise choosen design to suit your needs. We don't sell just templates but deliver customised website at a price of a template. See some examples here


What exactly do we do?

We only offer turnkey websites that have been proven effective and which offer an extremely high chance of success. We offer marketing and promotional advice with the purchase of every website. We know how to properly market a website including building relevant content, effective advertising methods, what you should and shouldnt do, the best resources, and much more! The advice we give our turnkey website customers is the exact same advice we use ourselves!

What is a "Turnkey Website"?

Unlike web templates, a turnkey web site is sold as a completely functional. All the buyer needs to do is "turn the key" and they are ready to do business. Here at OB MediaOne we do even more than this: we offer you a turnkey business plus guaranteed traffic, search submission and marketing support!

How can we help?

We do everything from website design and development, SEO, logo's, website customizations, creative planning, online marketing, script installations, videos, website sales, blog creation/management and more! Let us help you succeed!

Logo Design

At OB MediaOne we take your logo design very seriously. We know that your logo is a graphic representation for your brand and must quickly convey your business image, values and style. Text and illustration come together to create a unique visual identity. We insure that your logo truly reflects your vision by working with you one-on-one to create the perfect design. See some examples here

Our Services

With OB MediaOne all SEO work performed is natural, organic and is tailored around long-term results. We donít do anything that might jeopardize your rankings. We offer the best Search Engine Optimization that works.
It doesnít matter if you are in the market for a simple information website, shopping cart based web site or a fully functional e-commerce website, we can meet your all of your needs.
We offer professional video/photo editing for your company's commercials, promo video s and youtube presence. Along with our creative design departments skill in websites, video/photo editing and manipulation go hand in hand. The integration of video/photo on a business website is commonplace, and for us it is another tool to not only visually enhance your website, but give our SEO team another avenue to market your company s presence to customers online. Contact us today for more info!
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